Petr Štěpánek:

Why with me?

Why to learn or play tennis with me?

I strive for a high level of professionalism to encourage learning and fun for everyone.

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My lessons are ideal for:

  • Beginner players who want to learn the correct fundamentals of technique and footwork.
  • Advanced players who want to increase their ball control and speed.
  • Children who like fun learning tennis.

Tennis Programs

My available Tennis Programs
Kids Course
  • Kids from seven to twelve years old
Adult Course
  • For beginners and intermediate players
  • Weekends 12 – 13pm
  • Learn , have fun and meet new friends
Private Lessons
  • From age 6
  • Increase ball control and speed
  • Improve your footwork
Hitting Session
  • Hitting with a 5.5 player
  • Good for travelling tennis players
  • Possible Green Transfer from Hotel or Airport


These are my usual practice locations

In summer, I provide tennis lessons in the  City Center of Prague, at Střelecký ostrov (Island) – open tennis courts, only between April and October). All year round, I provide my trainings at Prague 6Vokovice and Prague 8, Liben.

Střelecký ostrov 336, Praha 1
Sport Klub Start Praha
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