Petr Štěpánek:

What is Bounceball (BB)
and Beach Bounceball (BBB)

What is common for volleyball and bounce ball?

Both are team sports played with a ball on court 18×9 meters. The court is divided in half by an elevated net. Each team players are on one side of the net and consist of 2-6 players.

The game is broken down into sets and matches in which each teams goal is to win enough points to win a set and then win enough sets to win the match.

What is main difference between volleyball and BB?

  • Bounce on the floor is allowed by BB and gives extra time to player, the ball can bounce once before player hit, max. once between players hits of one team and max. three times before one team has to hit the ball over the net.
  • Ball: Size and weight are very different. The ball for BB is bigger, lighter and slower so it is much easier to hit the ball well and compared to volleyball, there is no pain on lower forearms even after long time of playing.
  • Net height: 2 meters by BB

Bounceball (BB)

Beach Bounceball (BBB)


The creation of Bounce ball and Beach Bounce ball by Petr Stepanek came out currently in 2022 of idea that volleyball is beautiful sport for experts and need a lot of learning hours and very advanced technique of single strokes .

BB is invented as recreational sport which is easy to learn and so enjoy game on first day. Petr Stepanek was inspired by development in tennis. During last decades easier versions of tennis [pickle ball, padel, beach tennis] belongs to fastest growing sports. We believe that tennis will stay as king tennis sport but more people will enjoy easier versions. Similarly we believe that Volleyball resp. Beach volleyball will stay great Olympic sport while BB and BBB can become popular among recreational players as party sport, beach sport etc.

BB rules – Gameplay

The objective is to send the ball over the net in three hits or less so the opposing team cant return the ball or prevent it from 2 bounces [not one bounce like in volleyball] on the ground in their court. Each team has three touches to attempt to return the ball. The game starts with a ball put into play by a serve that is hit by the server over the net to the opposing team. When the receiving team wins a turn, it will gain the right to serve and the players rotate one position clockwise. The ball cannot be hit by the same player twice in a row and can be hit a max. three times by a team . After this , the ball must be hit over to the opposing team. The ball cannot bounce twice or more in between touches of players. The ball must also be hit rather than thrown. Scoring a point can be done in a few different ways. First, one team may hit the ball over the net and have it land inbound on the opposing teams side and second second touch of any solid matter. Second, one team may hit the ball to land out of bounds. The other team earns a point .Additionally , a violation on one team results an a point for the other team.

Types of hits in BB

Main types of hits: Passes, sets, kills and block.

Passes are hits that move the ball closer to the net in order for teammate to hit them over the net.

Sets are specific types of hits that send the ball high in the air in order for a teammate to spike the ball back over the net. Kills are any type of hit that travels over the net to the opponents side of the court and hits the ground twice


Special ball with 40cm perimeter, ball pump, proper footwear for setting surface.

Playing surface

As the titles prompt, BB is played on solid surface and BBB on sand.


We organize every weekend two hour clinics (first hour group lesson, second hour guided game play). Minimum size of the group is 4 people and maximum is 8. Prices are per person for two hours.

Sport Winter price (in CZK) Summer price (in CZK)
Bounceball 400,- outdoor 400,- outdoor
Beach Bounceball 600,- indoor 500,- outdoor
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