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About me

Petr Štěpánek

I love ball sports since early childhood

My name is Petr Štěpánek, I was born and grew-up in Prague, Czechoslovakia. During early school years I was among best soccer, dodgeball and other ballsports playing kids.  My love to a ball grew up every day. In my 10 y.o. I have started to train volleyball in most suported (by socialistic government :)) volleybal junior team in czechoslovakia and in my 11 I become captain and one of best players in Czechoslovakia in my age category.

In my 13 my sports orthopedic doctor recommended me to interrupt doing sport on high (proffesional) level. So I stoped my volleyball carrer. But I could do sport on recreational level.

Tennis beginnings

In meantime my father was a member of one of Pragues tennis clubs, so i took a chance to play tennis and I fell in love in this sport more then to others sports. Later my health became good again and I could return to volleyball. But I loved tennis already more, so i kept playing tennis in the Club and became club champion 4x times around my 20 year of age.

Petr Štěpánek – Tennis Player

Nowadays i still compete in tennis in teams as well as in tournaments for individuals. Among latest succeses belong for example titul of vicechampion of Czech rep. in mixed doubles in seniors category.

Petr Štěpánek – Tennis Coach

First occasion to teach tennis I got, when I worked as custodian in Tennis club Admira Praha. My customers liked my way of instructing and I enjoyed the lessons too. Later  I got a chance to become a tennis coach of Juniors at Tennis Club Lokomotiva Praha. I passed licence of Czech tennis association and worked one year as junior teams coach at the Club. After that, I travelled to Turkey and later to south Tirol to teach tennis at holiday resorts.

This was very good language experience. More then 20 years ago, I have started to build up my own tennis school based at home – in Praha. During past years i helped to hundreds of kids and adults, from beginners to advanced. And not only to locals. Many of my customers used to be expats from many different countries and also many short term visitors of Prague, mainly from abroad, also adding to my experience of speaking other languages.

I focus mainly on teaching of  correct technique of strokes and footwork. Both these things are crutial for hitting balls by centre of stringbed and also for controled placing of balls. These skills brings enjoyment of playing tennis and make my customers, as well as myself, satisfied. I like to use video and a mirror on my lesson,  which accelerate a speed of learning of my customers. I also like to organize fun tennis tournaments and mixers for my customers.

I welcome every new customer who is eager to hit ball purely in the middle of  racket stringbed, who want to learn to move his/her legs fast and enjoy this great game! Hope to meet you on a court!

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